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New Connection Domestic
Deposit For 1 Cylinder :1450/- Rs.
Deposit For Regulator 150/- Rs.
Hotplate Inspection charges  250/- Rs.(if Hotplate not purchase from distributor)
Installation charges 50/-Rs.
Blue Book Charges :50/- Rs.
Refills charges :Present price according toyour area as applicable
Surksha rubber tube and Hot plate (Optional):  As per MRP

Replacement of lost/defective Cylinders
Cylinders damaged in accidents due to LPG are replaced free of cost to the customer.
In case of Established cases of theft supported by FIR and non- traceable certificate from police, replacement is made at Normal Tariff(1450/-rs).
In all Other Cases, Penal Tariff (2300/-rs) is levied

Deposit For 1 Cylinder  : 1450 /- Rs.
Refills charges :Present price according  to your area as applicable
Administrative charges 50/- Rs.

Replacement of leakage/lost/defective Regulator
Regulator Replacement charges in case of leakage - Null 
Regulator Replacement charges in case of Damage - 250 /- Rs.

Blue book (Diary)
Blue Book Charges 50/- Rs.

Hot plate/Surksha Rubber Tube
As per MRP.

Mandatory Inspection of domestic Installation
Charges 75/- Rs. once in every 2 year.

Damaged Safety cap Replacement
Charges 2/- Rs.

Mechanic visit
60/- Rs. 
leakage cylinder and PR Leakage complaints are attended free of charge

Please submit your Aadhaar Letter without any delay in the given format,Click here to download format. To link your Aadhaar Number to your Bank Account, Click here To Download Bank Account - Aadhaar Linkage Form.
WelCome To LPG Helpline
About LPG Helpline:

This Is a noble initiative to reduce a gap between domestic gas cylinder customers and the company. It is a free Service provided to the consumers for their help and upgrading their knowledge on a regular basis to increase transparency and equip todays customers to get better services in getting essential commodity like LPG. Our team has tried to compile all the informations and respective portals at one platform for user friendly approach and updation.The same information we have provided in Hindi for wide spread understanding.

Our Vision:

"To provide a platform to the LPG customers to keep themselves update, vigilant and get better services"

Our Mission:

Our mission behind starting this portal is to provide complete and right information to the domestic gas cylinders customer about the guidelines and rules of LPG Marketing Companies. An LPG consumer can be easily accessible to the company and forward his suggestions and complaint directly to the concerned company. Through Our portal he can register his complaint or SMS on the given helpline number. we will convey to the related officer /company. 

  Kind Attention
   This is not the official website and we do not receive financial assistance from anywhere.

LPG Customer Plz Give Attention

  Customer Needs   Earlier   Now
Subsidized Cylinders for Domestic Use Subsidized LPG Cylinders for domestic use without any limit. 12 cylinders per financial year at subsidized rate to each domestic LPG consumer subject to (i) Each household LPG connection is eligible for 5 subsidized LPG cylinders between 14.09.2012 till 31.03.2013 and 12 cylinders per annum from the next Financial year. Supply of Non-subsidized LPG cylinders will start only after the entitlement of subsidized cylinders is exhausted. (ii) PSU Oil Marketing Cos. will notify prices of non-subsidized LPG cylinders every month based on international prices
New LPG Connection Subsidized LPG Cylinders for domestic use available without any check and specific stipulations Subsidized category Connections available subject to (i) Must not already be in possession of LPG connection from any of the PSU Oil companies in his / her Household or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connection from any CGD company. (ii) Submit KYC (know your customer) information, including Proof of Address and Proof of Residence. (iii) After de-duplication (multiple connection check) by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to ensure that there is no existing domestic LPG connection in the same household from any of the PSU OMCs.
Not Available Non subsidized Cylinders as Instant Connection Available at Customers request. However customers (i) Must not already be in possession of LPG connection from any of the PSU Oil companies in his / her Household or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connection from any CGD company. (ii) Submit KYC (know your customer) information, including Proof of Address and Proof of Residence. (iii) Subsidized LPG cylinders can be drawn after KYC check and de-duplication.
Voluntarily Giving Up Subsidy No Option available Available at Customers request . Customer will be subject to KYC / de-duplication and reporting on transparency portal.
Reactivation of Multiple connections Detected and Blocked Permitted for conversion to Domestic subsidized category only after KYC / de-duplication norms are satisfied. Such connections can now be additionally converted to Non-subsidized NDEC rate connection with no KYC formalities KYC formalities and de-duplication required to re-commence subsidized cylinder entitlement.
Transfer of LPG Connection in Family Members Name During Lifetime of Customer Not Permitted Now Permitted. Subject to : (i) Transferee should not already be in possession of LPG connection from any of the PSU Oil companies in his / her Household or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connection from any CGD company. (ii) Submit KYC (know your customer) information, including Proof of Address and Proof of Residence. (iii) Same Security Deposit as in the original Subscription Voucher (SV))
Transfer of LPG Connection in Legal Heir in Case of Death of Custome Permitted based on legal heir / succession certificate Now Simplified. Permitted on furnishing self-declaration by the next of kin and death certificate KYC/de-duplication by OMCs
Regularization of LPG connection in Third Party's name, but with all documents Not permitted Now Permitted Subject to (i) Not already be in possession of LPG connection from any of the PSU Oil companies in his / her Household or Piped Natural Gas (PNG) connection from any CGD company. (ii) Submit letter of consent from the original customer & undertaking or Indemnity Bond along with KYC, Proof of Identity & Residence. (iii) Differential security deposit for the Cylinder(s) & Pressure Regulator between amount in old and the prevailing rate.
Regularization of LPG connection in Third Party's name, but without Original documents Not permitted Now Permitted Subject to (i) Same as applicable for release of new LPG connection (ii) Security deposit for cylinder & regulator at prevailing rate.
Ready availability of Information for Waitlist Customers Only available with Distributors Date upto which waitlist cleared and the current waitlist displayed against each distributors in Transparency Portal.
Reactivation of Customers Blocked due to non use of connection for more than 6 months No Standard Procedure available Now Available with Standardized application with standard declaration, and KYC.
Different Household under same address (Staying in different Floors/different self contained household in same floor) No connection permitted New procedure made. Customers can submit declaration which will be verified by distributors and connection provided.
Incomplete address in Database No specific Format for submission of details of Address and Standard Proof of Identity New KYC Form introduced with clear format for address fields, Contact Numbers, names of spouse father and mother. KYC, Proof of Identity and Proof of Address and Declaration Mandatory. Distributors to enter address in format as per PoA only.
Loss of Equipment Equipment New equipment only after FIR and Final Report(FR) from Police. Then the equipment at tariff rate. No provision without FIR & FR. Additional option to get new equipment without FIR and FR at Penal rates introduced.
Surrender Connection Option available for surrender only with distributors. No option when Distributors not heeding to such requests Option now available in website. Distributors to contact customers and facilitate surrender. OMCs able to monitor.
Advertisements Issued under OMC logo being perceived as Oil Company initiative without Government Directions. With Government of India Logo. Being perceived as Government directions and hence prompt responses. OMCs able to monitor.
Refill History and Details Available only with Distributors Introduced Transparency Portal. Customers able to view near to real-time data of self and all other customers within and across distributorships. Also able to see current delivery trend of distributors. Option available to make complaints.
Modes of Transaction Customers not able to use their choicest modes for transactions. Introduced booking new connections, refill, Repairs request, seeing History, Complaints through Web, IVRS/SMS, Mobile applications and call centers.
Rating of Distributors Customers not having any facility to rate their distributors for improving their service. Now facility available in the website for rating distributor in five parameters Correct weight, Right price, Courteous Behavior, Prompt Delivery and Overall experience. OMCs monitor rating and counsel distributors.
Portability Disgruntled Customers not able to change distributorships. Pilot to allow portability across distributors within OMC s and across OMCs being tried. Will be rolled out after piloting.